Sunday, 18 January 2009

Training your guns

Training your guns

Biceps are one of the most admired parts of the body and a nice pair of sleeve cannons can look very impressive. Here is our guide on effective bicep building.

Nutrition- Eat Big!
If you want big biceps your going to have to eat big. You'll need an excess of calories in order to build the most muscle. Proteins are essential, meat, fish, milk and eggs are excellent sources and contain the amino acids that your muscles need. Carbohydrates are sources of energy that your body will need, try brown bread, brown rice, wholemeal pasta and potatoes. Aim to eat 1-1.5 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight. A protein shake after your workout will be very beneficial as your body is crying out for protein, whey protein is quickly absorbed and will help your gains. Make sure you eat something before you go to bed as this is the time your muscles grow and repair.

Training - Lift Heavy
For maximum gains you've got to lift heavy, just like with every other muscle. Aim for a rep range between 4 and 8 with 6 to 8 sets. Only lift as much as you can using good form, you don't want to risk injury. Make sure your back is straight and your not swinging up the bar or dumbbell.

Training - Variation
Don't let your body get used to your workout or you'll hit a plateau and stop seeing gains. Use different exercises and grips. Switch things up with chip ups, barbell curls, preacher curls, hammer curls, EZ bar curls, bicep curls and concentration curls. Try different rep ranges and more or less sets.

Remember that your biceps will be involved with your back workout and therefore the two should be spaced by 48 hours. Don't overtrain, once a week is enough and don't lift if they are still sore. Get enough sleep so your body can grow and they'll soon be bulging from your sleeve!


  1. if you wanna great muscle then first of all you have to worried about your health.The word diet doesn't just refer to a reduction in eating. It also means adjusting your diet to include more of the things you need and less of the things you don't. A balanced diet is going to be key in order to losing stomach fat. Your body stores energy in two ways: glycogen and fat. Glycogen is stored in your muscles and liver.

  2. If you really want to gain weight then eat more servings your usual meals. Do not eat junk food, or worse ache your, your muscles shrink and replace them with fats and you will not be a happy excercise like yoga it can helps you to get rid of belly be fit and fine.


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