Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Target your lower abs

Target your lower abs

The lower abs are often considered to be the hardest area to define and perfect. People often spend endless hours 'crunching' away in the gym and are gutted when the results are poor and all their hard work is for nothing. But have no fear! Here are our top tips for targeting those stubborn lower abs.

Exercise one - Hanging Leg Raise

Looks like this exercise has work for the guy in the video, he's ripped!
This is one of my favorite ab exercises, makes me feel like a bit of an acrobat! It's really effective, especially for your lower abs and you should definitely feel the burn!

Exercise Two - Lying Leg Raises

Very easy exercise to do as there is no equipment needed, doesn't mean it isn't effective though. Go slow and really squeeze in yours abs. You could also try adding some light resistance to make this harder.

Exercise Three - V-Sits

This is a good finishing exercise, it uses all sections of your abs including the lower part and is great for achieving perfect wash abs.

There you have it, these exercises should bring your lower abs right up to par! Remember, if they arn't showing you probably need to reduce your bodyfat %.

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